Bed Bug Pest Control

Pest Control 24 Seven provide bed bug pest control solutions to the public, small businesses, groups of businesses and councils. We are here to assist you and help keep on top of any pest control issues you have.

Bed Bug Control and Management

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Bed Bug Control

24 Seven effectively remove bed bug infestations and eradicate them from the premises.

Pest Control Management

Bed Bug Management

Bed bug management is essential for businesses especially those in the hospitality and food industry. With our pest management programme, we carry out multiple visits to your premises to eradicate a pest and prevent them from returning.

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    Why Are Bed Bugs Pests?

    Bed bugs have been around for thousands of years and as such have adapted to modern day by hiding and hitchhiking. Bed bugs are usually carried from an existing infestation, to somewhere new, allowing them to start their own infestation. They can hide and be carried on items such as clothes, bags, furniture and much more.

    Bed bugs are an issue across the globe and are found to cause a nuisance in business, leisure and people’s personal lives. They attach themselves to items, which allows them to easily move, leading to the number of infestations to increase. Bed bugs can particularly cause a big issue with student accommodation, care homes and apartments. They feed on blood with the females needing to feed on extra amounts when developing their eggs.

    Thorough & Professional Service

    Pest Control 24 Seven’s specialist technicians are trained by the BPCA (British Pest Control Association). Ensuring we provide every customer with a thorough and professional service.

    Humane, Sensitive and Discreet Service

    At 24 Seven we pride ourselves on delivering a friendly and professional pest control service whilst dealing with any issues discreetly and sensitively.

    Pest Control 24 Seven only use non-toxic and humane methods to deal with your pest control needs. We make sure any non-target species is avoided and the target species is dealt with humanely.

    On completion of our pest control services we provide a unique and detailed report, allowing you to oversee your pest control issue, alongside quality after care from your key account handler. To help you keep on top of pest issues we share our professional advice to also help prevent the pests from returning.

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