About Pest Control 24 Seven

Pest Control 24 Seven are a team of trained pest controllers working to the British Pest Control Association’s Codes of Best Practice, safely delivering high quality pest control services to homes, businesses, catering facilities, offices, laboratories, production facilities and warehousing.

Our pest controllers resolve your new and existing pest control problems quickly, humanely and discreetly, whilst respecting the local environment and wildlife. We use high quality pest control products and work within strict guidelines when using them on our clients’ properties.

To save our customers time and money, we create tailored pest prevention plans for our clients, designed to safeguard against infestations, stock loss, down-time and damage to property and reputation.


 Our Mission

  • To prevent and manage pest control problems for our clients
  • To provide a high quality, trusted service to our customers, quickly resolving pest control issues discreetly
  • To prevent pest infestations for our clients by proofing and sharing information on how to protect properties against pest infestations
  • To resolve clients’ pest control problems using minimal amounts of pesticides

Our Values

  • To offer a high quality, reliable pest control service causing minimal disruption to customers
  • To respect our customers, their properties, local wildlife and the environment
  • To provide a humane pest control or removal service

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