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Pest Control 24 Seven provide insect pest control solutions to the public, small businesses, groups of businesses and councils. We are here to assist you and help keep on top of any pest control issues you have.

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24 Seven effectively remove insect infestations and eradicate them from the premises.

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Insect management is essential for businesses especially those in the hospitality and food industry. With our pest management programme, we carry out multiple visits to your premises to eradicate a pest and prevent them from returning.

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    Why Are Ants Pests?

    Ants are not usually associated with diseases and illnesses. However, they are pests that forage in the outdoors, so you cannot tell where they have been. This can make them extremely unhygienic, so you do not want them in places where food is stored, or inside your home or business facility.

    Ants rely on a food source and will mainly go to places which has a suitable and sustainable source of food. You can tell if you have an ant infestation outside as they usually leave small piles of dirt around entrances to their nest and at the bottom of any walls.

    Why Are Moths Pests?

    Moths found in the UK are not usually seen as pests, this is because they pose no threat to the health of both people and other animals. However, some species of moth are pests due to their larvae that can damage soft furnishing and other items made from textiles and fabric.

    Unlike other pests’ moths are important to the wildlife ecosystem. Moths can help pollinate plants and crops, ensuring good harvests and the seeding of other plants. Moths are also a good food source for bats, helping sustain local bat numbers.

    Why Are Mosquitoes Pests?

    Mosquitoes are small flying insects that are infamous for biting people. Conditions throughout the UK are allowing mosquitoes to thrive, causing numbers to increase. Mosquito bites can be extremely irritating and uncomfortable, causing allergic reactions in some cases.

    Most mosquito species found in the UK, are usually considered a nuisance. However, they are not known to carry diseases. In recent times however, a more invasive species of mosquito has been found in several sites across the UK. This species of mosquito has been known to be local to parts of southern Europe. However due to conditions in the UK being more hospitable for them, they have been in the UK, however they are not yet established. They are known to transmit the viruses Chikungunya and Dengue Fever. Although there is no immediate danger in the UK, the BPCA (British Pest Control Association) recommends vigilance.

    Why Are Silverfish Pests?

    Silverfish are considered pests due to their eating habits. Infestations are more of a nuisance when they are seen in large numbers, eating anything containing cellulose or starch. This leads to them damaging and destroying items such as wallpaper, plaster, old books and other household items.

    Silverfish are nocturnal bugs that are known to survive in various environments. They are mainly known to thrive in dark, damp and humid areas with a good food source. For example, old basements and other dark and damp rooms. They are wingless insects that move similarly to a fish, which gives them their name.

    There are various signs of an infestation of silverfish. These are normally yellow stains on any soft furnishing and fabrics as well as small feeding marks (may appear as holes) in any paper like materials.

    Thorough & Professional Service

    Pest Control 24 Seven’s specialist technicians are trained by the BPCA (British Pest Control Association). Ensuring we provide every customer with a thorough and professional service.

    Humane, Sensitive and Discreet Service

    At 24 Seven we pride ourselves on delivering a friendly and professional pest control service whilst dealing with any issues discreetly and sensitively.

    Pest Control 24 Seven only use non-toxic and humane methods to deal with your pest control needs. We make sure any non-target species is avoided and the target species is dealt with humanely.

    On completion of our pest control services we provide a unique and detailed report, allowing you to oversee your pest control issue, alongside quality after care from your key account handler. To help you keep on top of pest issues we share our professional advice to also help prevent the pests from returning.

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