Scratching noises from inside walls is a sure sign there is an animal moving around inside your home. Many people automatically believe the noise is being caused by a mouse, however there are a few pests that it could be. Scratching noises could indicate to an infestation of squirrels, birds, rats, or mice.

Other factors and signs that you have an infestation are:

  • Droppings in the loft space or in your home /business space.
  • The scratching sound can often be heard in the night.
  • Holes in the outside walls are a good entry point for many rodents.
  • Nibble marks could be found on items around your home particularly in food cupboards.
  • A foul odour in your home or business building.

What to do if you hear a noise?

If you suspect you have a rodent infestation, it is best to call in the professionals. Depending on the type of pest you have can determine what methods are used as different pests have different characteristics.

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