Typically, wasp season is between April and October, however this is all dependant on the weather conditions throughout the year. Towards the end of the season the queen wasp lays her last group of eggs. Once this happens it changes the wasps usual habits, the nest then becomes threatened as food begins to run out and numbers in the nest reduce, making the wasps particularly aggressive and a nuisance.

When wasp nests begin to appear, they can grow in size rapidly. Therefore, when a wasp nest is discovered, it is best to be dealt with quickly. It is important to get it right first time and put the correct solution in place to eradicate an infestation effectively. We advise that customers with a wasp nest near by do not leave any food out as to not attract the wasps inside the house or near where you are. Wasps need food to feed the rest of the growing nest, making it harder for the wasps to find food will prevent them  and are able to find food

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